We get to know the forwarder’s job

Date added: 25.06.2019

Just like a mechanic, a doctor or a salesperson – you need a forwarder who will organize an efficient supply chain for your company.

Do not do it alone!
You can not take care of everything yourself! All the more so if you do not know the law. And not only Polish but all, through which a carrier with your cargo will pass. Therefore, the organization of transport is worth giving away in running a company that has experience and is able to perform even the most difficult oversized and dangerous order. Qualified shippers are the key to a properly functioning supply chain process in your company.

The freight forwarder knows everything
A professional forwarder, he always answers the phone and is in constant contact with his clients. There is no situation that a client is poorly informed about something. For us, the most important thing is information and its transmission. When we know what is happening on the road all the time, we are able to warn the rest of the drivers to change it. That’s why the correct flow of information is our key customer service point.

Features of the forwarder
Cunning and the ability to logically plan – these are the main features of a forwarder. A professional forwarding company is one that employs educated shippers, but also qualified logistics specialists. Freight forwarding is often not enough if you need to build a large supply chain. Therefore, both freight forwarders and logisticians should work in the valued TSL company.

Customers are the most important
Companies that want to cooperate with a professional company from the TSL industry, must check their website earlier, or read about on google.pl – you can also ask a friend. Let’s not give our precious cargo into the hands of an unauthorized company. It is worth trusting companies that have a long internship in the market and are proven. If you are looking for a company that has all of the above-mentioned features, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of v4l logistic.

V4L – a trusted company
V4L is a company that has already completed over 30 thousand transport orders. Guarantee of timely and professional performance of the tasks entrusted to us, we always give one hundred percent of our capabilities and we care about the satisfaction of our customers. Check our offer, we deal with domestic, international, refrigeration and special ADR transport, we are professionals in the organization of road transport.