Complaint about the forwarding service

Date added: 30.04.2019

Complaint about the forwarding service

When it turns out that our cargo after transport has been destroyed, please report a forwarding service. How to report it? Below are some important things that we should do if we want to get compensation from the insurer.

The first and most important rule is to carefully check the load that has been delivered.

We check whether the number of products agrees, whether the packaging is broken down or whether the condition of the load is generally the same as before transport. If anything does not agree, we should not take this load. Politely refuse the driver’s receipt and ask for a loss record that you should complete together.
Before we sign the loss record. IIt’s important to remember to do it before we sign the receipt confirmation.

After signing the confirmation, we automatically confirm that the order has been correctly completed. Remember! It is best to first contact the shipper who was handling you, he will help you get through all the formalities.

The best solution, in the event of any damage to the load, is to report it immediately. The sooner the insurer’s procedures begin, the better. Often, the insurer’s representative comes to the victim to determine the value of the loss. On this basis, the sum of losses you incurred by the damaged load is estimated.

The loss report should be drawn up in two copies – one for the carrier – the other for the victim.

It should also be signed! The signature is the only confirmation of the resulting situation. Therefore, always pay attention to whether the carrier has signed the report.
Signed documents must be provided to the insurer as soon as possible in order to confirm the telephone information about the damage.

When the insurer rejects our application and does not pay compensation, we are forced to go to court.

Remember to always check the delivered load carefully. In the damage report you should enter all damages, preferably at the time of taking photos of the destroyed cargo, so that later there would be no ambiguities. In the case of refusal to pay insurance by the insurer, you must report to the court forwarder or carrier.