Authorization for specialist transport

Date added: 21.12.2018

Specialist transport can take very different formulas and be subject to extremely different rules or procedures. It is enough to distinguish ADR transport, on the basis of which dangerous goods are transported from specialized transport of articles from category III, i.e. products of animal origin – not only those intended for destruction. Oversized transport of cargo of unusual sizes also requires meeting completely different criteria, and additionally conducting a reconnaissance of the road and a journey with a pilot, usually only during the night hours or with the closing of subsequent road sections for the movement of private vehicles.

Requirements for the forwarding company
All this makes it necessary to provide services such as specialized transport, not only companies with appropriate equipment, but above all, a large staff with the appropriate professional qualifications and permits to provide the services. If the transport is very complicated or numerous and consists of many vehicles organized as part of one column, then for its service in addition to the drivers of large-size vehicles, pilots and a lot of technical staff are also necessary.
A forwarding company that has adequate facilities to carry out such tasks, usually can not complain about the lack of tasks, because it can be used in the transport of chemical, pharmacological, food and construction or engineering materials. If someone is considering using such forwarding services carried out by an external company, they should first check and confirm its reference and equipment (vehicle fleet) and necessary permits and certificates to provide ADR transport, for example.