ADR transport

Date added: 22.12.2018

In order to provide services in the framework of ADR transport, it is necessary first and foremost to have appropriate permissions. Only and exclusively entities, forwarding and transport companies registered as authorized to provide such services, are subject to separate inspections, under which not only current check-ups and technical condition of vehicles and infrastructure used for loading or unloading hazardous goods, eg to ADR tanker, are checked.

The rights of employees, whose forwarding company employs to handle such ADR orders, are also checked – it is the employees who use devices and specialized machines on a daily basis, who must be aware of the threats and security procedures related to handling all of this forwarding. Only and exclusively such an authorized and certified company has the right to carry out international ADR forwarding.

When deciding on international transport, you need to remember the detailed rules and standards that apply in different European countries and not only. Poland most often exports its products to European countries, but sometimes it is transported to the United States or China. Adr transport is a very specific issue because they are substances potentially dangerous to human and animal health. It is therefore imperative that it be organized in an appropriate manner.

It is best to outsource this transport to professionals. Every forwarding company should be able to organize such transport without any difficulty, regardless of the purpose of the journey. So let’s get acquainted with the offers on websites and choose the most advantageous one.